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Friends of The Academy of The Hebrew Language in Jerusalem, Inc. was established to assist the Academy of The Hebrew Language in accomplishing its goals, both in its ongoing work and in its efforts to establish the Center for the Hebrew Language.

The Academy of the Hebrew Language was founded in 1953 to serve as the official institution of the Hebrew Language. Over the years, the Academy has been the national institution for the study of the Hebrew language, continuing the activities begun by the Language Committee (Va’ad Halashon), which include supervising the development of the language and providing professional terminology in Hebrew. The Academy has successfully strengthened the central role of Hebrew in all walks of life in Israel and moreover established itself as a national center for the study of the Hebrew language.

In recent years, the Academy has significantly increased its research activities and at the same reached out to the general public, promoting and developing new projects that will make it more accessible to the general public. The Academy seeks to expand its scientific activities, attract new audiences, and open its treasures to all.

To this end, the Academy will establish a new home that will be a scientific and cultural center    for the Hebrew language. From its new residence, which will be called The Academy of the Hebrew Language Center, the Academy will be able to fulfill its mission and realize the full extent of its goals.