Activities 10/07/2018 – Posted in: General

The Academy of the Hebrew Language was established by law with a view to it becoming the “preeminent institution for the science of the Hebrew language.” Through decades of activity, the Academy has established its reputation as the national institute for the study and research of the Hebrew language and as an institution piloting one of the most important areas of our society and culture.

The Academy includes over 40 members and approximately 60 employees. Academy members are scholars of the Hebrew language and its literature, writers, poets, and translators. All Academy members, including its president and office holders, volunteer their time. The Academy’s scientific employees are also researchers and experts in the Hebrew language, its classical and modern literature, and in linguistics, who work to realize the Academy’s goals with the help of professionals in the fields of computing and publishing.

In addition to its ongoing activities, at the present time, the Academy is working to advance two large and important projects: In the physical arena it is working to build a new home for the Academy, to be called “The Academy of the Hebrew Language Campus,” and in the technology realm, it is establishing an Online Hebrew Language Information Center.

Over the years, the Academy has established two large enterprises, unique in their kind: The Hebrew Language Historical Dictionary Project and the Hebrew Terminology Project. In concert with work on these undertakings, the Academy manages an extensive system of interactions with the public through meetings at the Academy (workshops, lectures, in-service education) both via the Internet (a system of questions and answers, distribution list, Facebook) and through its various publications.

In recent years, the Academy has been making good use of the new and exciting possibilities to make information available, and uploads its treasures to the Internet in order to enable free and convenient access to the knowledge and information at its disposal for researchers and all who are interested.

Taken together, the Academy’s ongoing endeavors and its new projects epitomize innovative and vigorous activity whose objective is to promote research and nurture Hebrew as the State of Israel’s spoken language and the language of its culture.

What follows is a survey of two areas in which the Academy is involved – its scientific activity and its public-facing activity. They are presented in five main enterprises and in a few words about its computing activities:

A. The scientific activities

  1. The Historical Dictionary Project
  2. The Hebrew Terminology Project

B. Activity on behalf of the public (projects in the planning and creation stages)

  1. Online Hebrew Language Information Center
  2. Learning and Culture Center
  3. Academy of the Hebrew Language Campus

C. Computing activities