The Academy Centre and Museum 24/07/2018 – Posted in: General

The Academy of the Hebrew Language was established by law in 1953 to serve as the official institution of the Hebrew Language. Over the years, the Academy has been the national institution for the study of the Hebrew language, continuing the activities begun by the Language Committee (Va‘ad Halashon), which include supervising the development of the language and providing professional terminology in Hebrew.

In recent years, the Academy has promoted and developed new projects that will make it more accessible to the general public. The Academy seeks to expand its scientific activities, attract new audiences, and open its treasures to all.

To this end, the Academy will establish a new home that will be a scientific and cultural center for the Hebrew language. From its new residence, which will be called The Academy of the Hebrew Language Center, the Academy will be able to fulfill its mission and realize the full extent of its goals.

Research Institutes
The Academy will increase and intensify its research activity in the Historical Dictionary Project. The Academy will also establish new research institutes, which will be involved in the documentation of Israeli Hebrew and researching the revival of Hebrew. These research institutes will maintain scientific contact with researchers and institutions in Israel and throughout the world.

National Museum of the Hebrew Language
The museum will tell the story of the Hebrew language – its history over three thousand years and its amazing revival as a vibrant spoken language today. It will contain a permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibits. It will offer innovative design and will make use of the most advanced technologies.

Learning and Cultural Center
The center will offer an array of learning opportunities including a continuing education program, conferences and seminars. The center will enable the general public to establish a deeper connection with its language and its culture. It will be possible to combine participation in the center’s activities with a museum visit.

Online Information Center
The Academy of the Hebrew Language’s internet site contains a wealth of information concerning questions of language. This site, together with the internet site of the Historical Dictionary Project (which presents Hebrew literature throughout the ages), as well as new sites currently under development, will serve as the largest and most authoritative information center for Hebrew. The information center will provide the general public, researchers and scholars with access to the wealth of accumulated knowledge in the Academy concerning Hebrew words and the Hebrew Language throughout its history.

The Academy will expand its research activities through the establishment of new research institutes alongside its ongoing activities.

The new and the established institutes will work to:

  • Collect Hebrew literature from all periods.
  • Research traditions of Jewish communities.
  • Document Israeli Hebrew.
  • Write entries for the Historical Dictionary.
  • Research Hebrew lexicography.
  • Research the revival of the language.

The research institutes will establish scientific relations with researchers and other research institutes in Israel and abroad.