The Learning and Culture Center 29/07/2018 – Posted in: General

Establishment of the Learning and Culture Center is another facet of the Academy’s expansion process and its orientation toward new directions. Alongside the Academy’s solid online presence, there is a need to prepare the physical ground so as to enable it to open its doors to the public at large and to offer visitors an instructive and enjoyable Hebrew experience. The visitor’s encounter with the treasures of the Hebrew language and with its historical chronicles seen through the lens of the living Hebrew language will be an experiential encounter supported by state-of-the-art technological means.

Target audience: The Center will target these main audiences: middle school and high school students; teachers, instructors and students taking continuing education courses related to the historical and cultural aspects of the Hebrew language, in general and the revival of the Hebrew language, in particular; soldiers and officers within the framework of IDF continuing education courses and culture-days; groups of youth from abroad participating in specialized programs, and anyone interested in the Hebrew language and in Hebrew culture.

The Center will also include a program of lectures, in-service courses and workshops geared toward the educated public and to professionals such as editors, translators, researchers and attorneys.

Activities at the Center: There will be three types of activity at the Center: (a) museum- experiential exhibition; (b) a learning center; (c) various kinds of cultural events.

  • Museum-experiential exhibition: The plan and character of the exhibition will be determined by detailed specifications but components to be included can already be enumerated:
  • Display, or other experiential activity (audio-visual), about the Hebrew language
  • A range of enriching interactive multimedia methods
  • Exhibition of valuable objects (for example, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda’s writing desk)
  • Outside the building structure: Activity stations



  • Learning center: The Center will make available learning and enrichment through interactive multimedia methods and through a program of courses given by the Academy and will offer continuing education courses on topics of language, in general and on topics related to the Academy’s work in setting standards for the Hebrew language, and in the research and cultivation of Hebrew. Professional training will be established at the new learning center and the scope of activities will be significantly broadened.
  • Cultural events: The Academy holds occasional evening workshops and cultural evenings on topics related to the Hebrew language and its literature. With the creation of the Center, this activity will be expanded and new avenues will open up including a unit whose work will involve operation of the culture domain.

Launching and running the Center will afford the Academy with the tools, not currently available, needed for activities involving the public and will be the springboard to establishing the Museum of the Hebrew Language at the Academy of the Hebrew Language Campus.