The Online Hebrew Language Information Center 29/07/2018 – Posted in: General

The Academy has set a goal to disseminate the information it collects via digital means, making it accessible to the general public and to researchers. In recent years, much activity has been carried out in this sphere (the online sites, the khalufon [providing alternatives], the questions and answers system, Facebook) and high responsiveness on the public’s part to the available materials was discovered. Through a unified search capability, the Online Information Center will coordinate results from all types of information available to the Academy. To achieve this, all the Academy’s databases will be connected to two indexing “backbones”: Words and topics in the field of language.

In the first stage, the Information Center will include the following databases:

  • The Historical Dictionary Project databases
  • The Academy’s terminology dictionary databases
  • Database of Academy decisions
  • Database of responses to the public
  • Records from the Academy website
  • Scanned articles on the site
  • Index to Academy journals
  • Table of verb conjugations

Further down the line, additional materials will be added to the Online Information Center such as Hebrew dictionaries, bibliographic lists, the Academy’s publications, and material from the archives of the Language Committee and the Academy.

The Online Information Center increasingly gathers much authoritative information on the Hebrew word (grammatical, lexical, standard, historical and bibliographic information), about Hebrew language issues, and about Hebrew creativity throughout the generations. It will provide a source of information for the public, professionals and researchers.